What we're all about

Our Objectives

Serves as a platform helping to overcome barriers apt of compromise relationships between partners of both countries such as: culture, language, social, networking etc
The creation, promotion and establishment of long-term relationships between businesses from Australia and DR Congo.
Work for the establishment of a permanent dialogue and cooperation between Australian investors or companies (mining) and Democratic Republic of Congo institutions in the framework of the challenges and issues of common interest.
The creation of a forum to enable technology transfer in an area to be identified by government institutions, private companies and universities of both countries.
Working as a facilitator to support members during establishment in DR Congo (registration, legal advice, networking with businesses federations, labour organization, etc.)
Building a database that will include: businesses by sector, industries, reports, legislation and taxation major changes, investment incentives in both countries, etc.
Providing a space for business promotion through activities such as fair, business trips, conferences, and magazines

Our Focus Areas


Australia is houses major mining companies with the most innovative technologies in the industry.

Renewable Energy

Australia is leading world research and technologies is this area and has developed policies that may be replicated in DR Congo.


Horticulture, farming, aquaculture, agroforestry, agribusiness and land or soil management


Western Australia & DR Congo economy are dominated by one major sector (Mining and Oil & Gas) and face the same challenges at a different level.


Australia has a tropical climate and is strong in tackling vegetation issues, soil and water in this climate.


The quality of the Australian education system presents an option for skills transfer.


transfer and capacity building using the Australian model

Organisations we work with