Chamber Membership

The Australia Democratic Republic of Congo Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s Online Business Directory provides you with the opportunity to support your fellow members of the ADRCCCI when looking for new providers of products and services for your business.

The directory is viewable by everyone however, only members can make contributions to it

If you would like further information on how to list your company on the ADRCCCI website, please contact 0416 316 063 or email

How it works

  • 1. Submit a Membership Request

    This can be done online through the website or email. Details about your profile and membership type are captured for later publication in our membership directory

  • 2. Processing

    Our agent processes your payments after verifying your details with you

  • 3. Registration Complete

    You are now a fully registered member with access to all our member services in accordance with your subscription

Membership Types

Individual Membership

Any person interested in the services provided. He is entitle you a free newsletter and has a free access to the chamber data base, annual meeting and can promote his activities at chamber activities.

Small Business Membership

Any for Profit organisation with less than 20 employees. In addition to the individual membership, the company participate in business meetings organised by the chamber at a discounted rate, access to promotion and networking.

Medium to Large Business Membership

Any for Profit Corporation with more than 50 employees. In addition to the individual member, the company will participate in the business meetings organised b the chamber at a discounted rate, promotion and networking. Branding and logos can be presented at Chamber events

Patron Membership

Are individual or businesses willing to support all activities organised by the chamber? They are entitled to:

  • Participate in business meetings organised by chamber for free
  • Branding and logo display at all chamber activities and in the website (newsletter)
  • Display exhibition/stand during activities and at the chamber’s office