Nowadays, Australia has been more engaged with African English speaking countries compared to others with a direct consequence of less diplomatic and commercial exchange.


The Dem Rep of Congo is not an exception to this reality even with the huge potential it has. Relations between both countries are currently limited to a couple of mining projects.

However, based on Australia’s expertise and technology, in conjunction with the Dem Rep of Congo’s natural and human resources, there are plenty of business opportunities that need to be channelled.


In early 2016, our team decided to set the Australia – DR Congo Chamber of Commerce as a platform to unlock untapped opportunities in both countries in areas such as mining, agriculture, farming, agri-business, education & training, environment, technology transfer and so on.


The chamber will work for the establishment of a permanent dialogue and cooperation between Australian and The DR Congo organisations in the framework of the challenges and issues of common interest

Bula Matadi
  • Mining: Australia is a house of major mining companies with the most innovative technologies in the industry.
  • Renewable energy: Australia is leading world research and technologies is this area and has developed policies that may be replicated in DR Congo.
  • Agriculture : Horticulture, farming, aquaculture, agroforestry, agribusiness and land or soil management
  • Western Australia & DR Congo economy are dominated by one major sector (Mining and Oil & Gas) and face the same challenges at a different level.
  • Climate: Australia has a tropical climate and is strong in tackling vegetation issues, soil and water in this climate.
  • Education: The quality of the Australian education system presents an option for skills transfer.
  • Technology transfer and capacity building using the Australian model